Pr. Paul Moses, the senior pastor and founder of Gethsemane Gospel Mission. He started his Christian journey at his early age of 19, when he was doing his higher secondary school. On one fine day as his routine he went to pray in a lonely place, the nearest beach. On that particular day God filled him with the burden to pray with compassion, and God gave him a vision of Jesus Christ praying in Gethsemane. God filled him with the thirst of taking His good news to the villages.

He worked as a Manager in one of the Tamil Nadu’s topmost construction group ECCI for 20 years and according to God’s will and clear calling he resigned his job and now serves God.

Pr. Paul Moses is married to Mrs. Esther Moses, who has partnered him for this great vision of our God, and they are blessed with two children who are married and ministering as a family.