Church Planting

As Paul says in Romans: 15:20, “and so I have made it my aim to preach the gospel not where Christ was named, last should build on another man’s foundation” Our vision is to preach the gospel in villages and to build churches: Reaching the unreached.


Christianity is not about making or forming a religion, it is all about knowing and having a personal relationship with our Lord and Saviour from the study of the Bible, and it is the most  important and essential thing. All believers who are serious about their faith should be a disciple or must be in a good Bible study group.

Ministry among Younger Generation:

It is a special blessing that God has showered upon Gethsemane Gospel Mission. GGM has been always blessed with Young people working for the Glory of the Lord. This ministry was started by young boys who spent their everything to for God. As day passes by, still now young souls are doing mighty ministry for God. We conduct special youth retreats and special youth seminar for these young peoples to stay and grow in God’s love and to fulfil God’s personal plan for them.

Children Ministry:

Jesus Christ loves children. He loves them more, so does GGM. We are doing ministry among the children in 7 different centres where we teach songs, bible story, missionary stories to these children. Every Sunday we minister for about 180 children for the Glory of God.

Missionary Ministry:

As the name says it all, Gethsemane Gospel Mission is fully Missionary burdened and Mission based organization. God has helped us to send many missionaries to most challenging places in India. By the Grace of God now we have sent Missionaries to Himachal Pradesh, Haryana and Punjab in north India.

Media Ministry:

Preaching the Good news about Jesus Christ has been the ultimate aim of Gethsemane Gospel Mission, GGM. It takes all means to exalt the name of Jesus. In this computerized and fast developing world it is much necessary to preach the gospel more faster. This new thought, Cyber – Evangelism, has provided us another opportunity to preach the gospel to all ends of the earth through Internet. We go live on every Sunday Service.

Social Welfare activities:

Helping poor and needy has always been and given happiness to us. It has been a great source of preaching God’s word and showing God’s love to the people. GGM helps them under the name Shepherd Trust